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May 4, 2017
Building (U of M ReUse

reuse centerThe University of Minnesota ReUse Program collects surplus office furniture, supplies, equipment and parts from throughout the Twin Cities Campus and makes them available to University departments or individuals for purchase. Some of the services the Reuse program performs are as follows ...

  • RELIEVES 250 University buildings of unwanted materials, fixtures and supplies.
  • REDISTRIBUTES furniture & equipment valued at over $200, 000 to U of M departments each year.
  • RESELLS a never-ending variety of items to the general public each Thursday.
  • RECYCLES unwanted steel, aluminum, wood, cardboard & paper.
  • REDUCES campus construction waste that would otherwise end up at the landfill.


Come visit us or send any questions regarding the ReUse program.

Stay up to date with new deals and the latest ReUse events!

Students donate unwanted items when they move out, then we host a free store for students and local residents!

Find the appropriate dock, building, or facility to drop your reusable items off at.

: Check out the guide to see what is accepted at the ReUse Center.

ReUse is dedicated to making the move as easy as possible. Check out the process for sending your reusable items to our warehouse.

Recycle your used toner and ink cartridges in an environmentally manner.

Connect with other faculty and staff across the University's five campuses to reuse and exchange items.

Source: facm.umn.edu
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