Textile Designing Courses

April 30, 2023
Textile Design Courses

P4DHere you’ll find our upcoming workshop schedule. Our workshops cover advanced design and business topics in an inspiring online setting. Our class sizes are small, allowing us to offer each student personalized feedback and guidance through the materials.

If you are interested in a self-paced learning experience please explore our membership community, For just $42/month you have access to courses on repeats, collections, selling your work and more!

Your artistic style and creative spirit does not have to be inhibited by software or the digital art world. The two can come together in an amazing collaborative effort.P4D21-e1449374935293 With this workshop, our goal is to help you discover the most efficient and effective use of Adobe Photoshop while creating the artwork that you love to design.

In Photoshop for Designers, you were introduced to the power and versatility of Adobe Photoshop. Now Sherry is back and she’d like to help you build on your current knowledge of Photoshop by sharing advanced techniques to help you really revolutionize your work and become incredibly efficient as a designer. .

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