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May 29, 2017
The Samsung AddWash washing

Household appliances are having quite a moment right now, if what we spotted at this year's Consumer Electronics Show are any indication — especially laundry systems. Amidst all the fancy TVs, phones, and fitness trackers at the show, there were a few new washing machines getting a lot of attention. Here is some of the newest technology that may soon make doing the wash a little less of a chore.

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LG's Twin Wash
This machine turns the often-unused pedestal under a front-load washer into a second washing machine, so you can do two separate loads simultaneously. The top machine handles a full load while the mini washer is perfect for delicates, athletic wear, or small loads that need special attention. You can buy the pedestal separately, and it works with any LG front-loading washer.

Samsung's Active Wash ($699)
This is a top-loading washing machine with a built-in hand washing or pretreating sink right under the lid. A dedicated jet directs water into the sink and the ribbed sides provide a gentle scrubbing surface. Once finished, you can pour the laundry and water directly into the washer's main tub. This sounds perfect for those homes without a sink in the laundry room.

Whirlpool Smart Top Load Washer and Dryer
As part of a joint program with Nest, Whirlpool introduced its first smart top-loading washer that is compatible with the smart thermostat and can be controlled and monitored via a mobile app. Why would you want your laundry appliances connected to your thermostat? The Nest can switch them to a quiet mode when you are home, run them during low-cost, off-peak energy hours, and more. The app contains troubleshooting and diagnostic features, too.

All of these machines will be available this spring and most pricing hasn't been announced yet (we listed prices above if we had them). We expect to test them soon in our GH Institute Home Appliances Lab, but if you are in the market for a new machine now, our latest washer reviews are a good place to start your shopping.

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