Refurbished Singer Sewing Machines

February 28, 2020
Brother 1634D Serger Sewing

Fri Dec 16 00:00:00 MST 2016

DebbsSeattle Rating:

I purchased this machine at a national chain store. I have been sewing for 30 years but never with much passion, just for fun. I have skills and the knowledge of the processes, but only employ them when the mood strikes. I have worn out 3 previous machines in those 30 years, with heavy duty sewing projects (like upholstery). I wanted to sew some napkins, tree skirts, patio furniture cushions and pillow covers and needed another machine to do it. Budget was my primary obstacle...I did not want to invest too much money in a rarely used machine. This was the least expensive option. For less than a date night for two, I acquired this model (non-refurbished). It has now served me well for 3+ years (maybe 50-60 hours of sew time on it) and still going strong. It has done everything I have asked it to. Looking for an embroidery machine and will consider this brand for that. This would be perfect for a new beginning sewer, a light user, the sewer that, like me, waits for the mood to strike or someone that only does at home repairs. The low price makes it good for the "One Time" Halloween costume sewer as well - do your project and resell it at the spring garage sale and you might even break even. Easy to use, light weight, stores compactly in the original box with form fit Styrofoam, sews as it should and makes lasting seams. Great buy for the price.

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