Are Singer Sewing Machines good

May 28, 2020
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All Singer sewing machine reviews below have been very enjoyable to do as Singers are one of the most user friendly sewing machines out there.Singer machines have consistently retained a place among the most affordable and reliable sewing machines in the world.

Some people who are unfamiliar with the Singer standards of excellence may be skeptical about investing in a Singer when there are many other brands on the market that are far more costly.

All these skeptics need to do is ask someone who has owned a Singer. Singer sewing machines that were manufactured 100 years ago are still in use.

What more proof does one need to be convinced that Singer is a brand to be trusted?

What Sets Singer Sewing Machines Apart from the Rest

The most distinguishable features of any Singer machine are affordable, availability and accessibility.

The Singer brand brought sewing into the home, and has been one of the most reliable sewing manufacturers since the first Singer went on the market in 1851.

Popular Singer Models

The most popular Singers are the non-electric Singer treadle machines of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, many of which are still in use in homes and by certain tailor and dressmakers today and the 221 Featherweight, the world’s first truly portable sewing machine.

When we take into consideration that the most popular Singer models are now antiques, one may conclude that Singer’s heyday has passed. That notion, however, is far from the truth.

In 1990, the original Singer Company merged with two other sewing machine giants to form a new corporate entity, SVP – Singer/Viking/Pfaff – which breathed new life into the company.

The Singer sewing machines of today are backed by the vast technological, economic and creative resources available through SVP’s combined talent, knowhow and strength.

- Affordable
- The most recognizable sewing machine brand name
- Long standing reputation as an industry leader
- Large selection of sewing machines suitable for beginners
- Dependable, durable industrial machines
- Easily acquired via and large retail outlets nationwide

- Does not stand out from other sewing machine brands as in the past

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