Tabletop looms for Sale

April 28, 2020
Chris Gustin

4 + 4 Four-shaft Portable Ad-a-Harness Macomber Loom
24 inch weaving width, six treadles
includes reeds sizes 6, 8, 12, 15 (not stainless)
Also for sale: lease sticks and warping board

Contact: Roberta Machalek at 717-962-4530

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Contact Aida at

A Series AVL 60 inch, 16 harness loom equipped with compu-Dobby made in 1998.
Extras include:
3 reeds
Vintage bobbin winder
Electric winder
Thread rack
Fly shuttles
Regular shuttles
Rug shuttles
Extra spools
Umbrella swift thread winder
Thread counter
Warping board
Ball winder
Schacht 4 harness table loom 14"

A must see $5500 or best reasonable offer

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LOOM FOR SALE: Union - Loom Works #36
Call Paul S. Pinci at 717-957-4941
Additional items of interest available include: old cook books, furniture, pictures, salt and pepper shakers, old tools, locks, and more.

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FOR SALE: My mother-in-law was a weaver. She has passed away and I have the honor of inheriting her craft room. I am a knitter and do spin some, but I think weaving is in my future. I am keeping most of Mom's treasures but want to sell the loom pictured above.

It is a Glemakra 10 harness/10 treadle loom with 46 inch reeds. It has never been used and is not totally assembled. I believe the price of this loom was 00, but I would like to sell it for 00, or best offer. If you are interested or know anyone who would be, please contact me.

PicturePlease help me find a good home for this beautiful loom. If you have any interest or any comments, please call me.

​The loom is currently located in Fawn Grove, PA.

Happy weaving,
Donna Pitz
410-239-2481 Home
410-925-1986 Cell

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Weaving Equipment for Sale: Barefoot Weaver’s Studio
Harrisville Floor Loom - 4 Shaft, 6 Treadle, 36”weaving width - $650
Union Rug Floor Loom – 2 Shaft, 2 Treadle 36” weaving width - $350
Norwood Cherry Floor Loom - 8 shaft 12 treadle, 40” weaving width Original Cherry
bench with wooden side pockets, seat lifts for more storage, tall castle shelf and Cherry
warping mill. Inserted eye heddles – at least 100/ Shaft. New texsolv tie-ups - $1, 950
LeClerc Artisat Floor Loom – 4 Shaft, 6 Treadle, 36” weaving width – LeClerc Bench
with top pockets and seat lifts for more storage - $795
Northwest Pioneer Table Loom - 8 shaft, 24" weaving width - sample loom open heddles and reeds - two reeds 10 and 15 $250
LeClerc Bergere Rigid Heddle Loom - 24” weaving width - $125
LeClerc Dorothy Table Top Loom - 4 shaft, 15 ¾” weaving width - 2 @ $350 each
Structo Wood Table Top Loom – 4 Shaft, 14" weaving width - $150
LeClerc Fanny Countermarch Floor Loom - 4 Shaft, 6 Treadle, 45”weaving width - $695
All looms are in good condition and working order.
Available for review and pick-up at:
Barefoot Weaver’s Studio
500 East Main ST
Purcellville, VA 20132
540-268-0453For Sale: Weaving books and yarn, samples pictured. 3/2 & 5/2 Perle cottons, cotton slub, silk and silk blends. Studio destash in Lancaster. Contact Terri at Terriwillner@
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