Brother Quilting Sewing Machines Reviews

March 10, 2017
Brother pq1500s quilting

When researching sewing machines, there are a lot of factors to consider. Since my specialty is quilting, I’ll give you the deets on what I’ve found to be the best quilting sewing machines.

It’s time. You’ve sewn a couple quilts, become totally addicted (I mean, it’s hard not to), and now realize the old hand-me-down Singer just isn’t cutting it. The tension keeps getting off, the light doesn’t work, and every so often, the bobbin comes unthreaded leaving you oblivious and happily humming along until you pick up your chain piecing only to have it all fall apart. AHHH! The frustration is there, but what about the money? Quilting aint cheap - especially if you have a tendency to hoard fabric...which inevitably becomes second nature to all quilters. Below is a list of great quilting sewing machines for every type of budget.

Before jumping in, I do have one stand-alone piece of advice: test drive. Go to a few different dealers and jump onto a few different machines. Each brand has its own quirks and before assuming that “I’m get’n a Singer cause I’ve always had a Singer.” Each machine will have a different feel, a different sound, even a different stitch. This machine is going to become an extension of you, so make sure that it FEELS right.

I would also remind you that a lot has changed in the sewing machine world over the past 5-10 years. And since you will be servicing your machine every couple years like a good little quilter, you want to be fairly close to your sewing machine dealer.

ahum. Now to the list. (And note, that prices may vary based on your dealer and as new machines are released)


I hope this list helps in your search for the perfect sewing machine. If you have any questions OR reviews on any of the machines mentioned, feel free to leave a comment or email me.

If you have really specific questions, please reach out to your local sewing machine dealers. Just remember that they want to sell you THEIR machines, so call a couple different peeps before settling in on one brand. Quilting sewing machines are not a one size fits all type of thing. If you sit down at a $700 machine and feel good, that’s great! And if you sit down at the Bernina 710 and realize that it’s the love of your life, well, start saving your pennies! 😉

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