Rubber coating Machine

June 22, 2022
Yifan brand simple F-6C (M6)

Revolutionary roller coating machine for color coat and top coat application on embossed leather for automotive and upholstery


TOPSTAR 3400 is a revolutionary roller coating machine especially designed for colour coat and top coat application on smooth and embossed leather for automotive and upholstery use. With TOPSTAR 3400 it will eventually be possible to finish leather without involving spray cabins with great economical advantages and with respect for the environment.

This technology will guarantee:
  • Reduction of chemical consumption from 50% up to 70% both for colour and top coat.
  • More uniformity and better distribution of pigments and chemicals on the entire leather surface including also light weight areas, thanks to the use of a special rubber engraved roller.
  • Coating quantity ranging from about 1.5 to 4.0gr/sq ft (15-40gr/sqm) for each pass.
  • Thanks to better coating efficiency it is also possible with a single pass to correct dark tones to lighter tones.
  • Use of chemical product with no water added (higher percentage of dry components).
  • Catalyst mixing ʻin lineʼ immediately ahead of the feed pump to optimize chemical consumption.
  • Zero emissions: environment friendly technology, no more air pollution and no need of exhaust air scrubbers.
  • Reduced energy consumption compared with traditional spray cabins.
  • Low noise level (well below the amount permitted by law).
TOPSTAR is equipped with numerous innovative operating features:
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