Roll to roll Coater

August 22, 2017
Roll to Roll Transfer Coating

Mini Roll Coater - First Step of Device Process UpscalingRoll-to-roll compatible, compact lab scale slot-die coating system

Originally designed for OPV and LEC research, the Mini Roll Coater is ideal for researchers who wish to work with flexible substrates or to step up after spin coating at compact scale.

User benefits

  1. Multiple device processing
  2. Easy material film forming testing
  3. Materials roll-to-roll compatibility screening
  4. Hands-on research experience building materials processing insight
  5. Process development tool for solution processable materials
  6. Minimal material consumption
  7. Easy alignment of multiple subsequent layers
  8. Slot-die head is simple to assemble, disassemble and clean

Solution processing

The Mini Roll Coater is applicable for solution processing of materials to test multiple device processing, film forming, and materials’ roll-to-roll compatibility while providing hands-on research coating experience as you build your materials processing insight.

Currently the roll coater is used for OPV, OLED, LEC, graphene, perovskite and functional material technologies in general where solution processing is applicable.

Low material consumption – easy operation

The Mini Roll Coater design and small slot die head volume facilitates low materials consumption compared to larger systems, and it is an excellent starting point for device processing development.

Early implementation of industrial type processing in materials research

Early implementation of roll coating allows for investigation into material properties in terms of understanding device processing, material film forming properties and device architecture build-up of material layers towards technology maturation and industrial application. The earlier the industrial processing method can be implemented, the earlier the technology will reach a processing stage useful for industrial application. This avoids setbacks in upscaling caused by a parallel change in deposition technique.

Due to its ability to process numerous devices, the Mini Roll Coater makes it possible to test materials film-forming properties or device architecture printability in a fraction of time compared to spin coating. A valuable asset in terms of time optimisation and research development.

General specifications

  1. Roll-to-roll compatible, full device slot-die coating and flexographic printing in one machine
  2. Integrated hotplate type drying (heated drum ambient – 140 ˚C)
  3. Adjustable coating speed 0-2 m/min
  4. Low ink consumption – dead volume less than 50μL (for 13mm coating head)
  5. Machine dimensions: H: 660mm, W: 623mm, D: 490mm
  6. Plug and play if installed in fume hood with 230V power supply
  7. Designed for operation in a ventilated fume hood
  8. Consumables package available

Options and customisations

The Mini Roll Coater comes with a range of options for customer adaptation. If a R&D facility requires process specific adaptations to enable in-depth specific technology parameters, FOM Technologies can assist in such customisation of our systems or alternatively develop custom systems that suit the specific field of use.

Option examples

  1. Custom designed slot-die head
  2. Heated slot-die
  3. Custom made flexographic print patterns sleeves
  4. Spray coating unit
  5. UV curing unit
  6. Teknek substrate cleaner
  7. Materials for coating and printing
  8. Substrates and barrier materials
  9. Consumables – tubes, syringes, connectors etc.
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