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October 30, 2017
Plastic coating paper clip

Polyart® synthetic paper consists of a high density polyethylene (HDPE) film coated with a unique clay coating that ensures print quality that's vivid and colourful.

Combining the advantages of paper with the durability of plastic, Polyart synthetic paper looks, feels, prints and converts like a premium matt-coated paper but stands up to water, weather, grease, chemicals and resists tearing in both directions.

Polyart’s state-of-the-art synthetic paper comprise a complete range of films designed to withstand the most demanding applications.

Manufacturing process

Polyart synthetic paper has a unique, patented manufacturing process consisting in biaxially stretching combined with paper-like coating.

Main properties

Polyart synthetic paper includes a large variety of properties: water resistant, tear resistant, outdoor use, top quality printing, environment friendly, to name a few.

Technical benefits

The uniqueness of Polyart synthetic paper makes it particularly suited when very specific technical benefits are required, such as:

  • Resistant to tearing and water, Polyart is an ideal substrate for outdoor applications. Plus, because Polyart is resistant to seawater, it is perfect for drum labels, shipping labels, etc.
  • Resistant to oily substances and most chemical products (i.e. ammonia, caustic soda, isopropyl alcohol).
  • Smudge proof Thermal Transfer print, absorbent and resistant coating in wet environment.
  • Due to its special manufacturing process, Polyart has no grain direction, which means it conforms easily to bottle shapes
  • Can withstand extreme heat and cold, remaining dimensionally stable up to +60° C / +140° F and down to -60° C / -76° F.
  • Due to its good UV resistance and weathering characteristics, Polyart will not shrink or become brittle.
  • Complies with specifications for toy regulations.
  • Can be Gamma irradiated for medical sterilization processing. After being sterilized, it is microbially clean.
  • Meets class 10 microchip clean room specifications.
  • Because of balanced physical properties, conforms well to irregular surfaces or very tight radii.
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