Weaving for beginners

November 23, 2017
Weaving for Beginners

Weaving for Beginners is perfect if students are curious about beginning their weaving journey but don't know where to start! They'll learn the basics of weaving - how to assemble a simple loom, learn weaving vocabulary, and perform basic weaving techniques (fringe! tassels! soumak!). All materials are included in the workshop price.

Materials include:

+ foam core loom

+ dowels

+ beater fork

+ tapestry needle

+ warp thread

+ yarn

About the Teacher!

"Kellee Vopelak of Kellee Creative is a Chicago-born Los Angeles transplant who has been a maker from a very young age. Since her first weaving class Kellee's been hooked! She enjoys experimenting with different yarns and fibers and strives to make each piece special. In her home studio in Silver Lake, Kellee creates one-of-a-kind woven wall hangings and enjoys experimenting with different textures and colors. She has a passion for learning and teaching others and strives to improve every single day!"

Source: www.eventbrite.com
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