Singer all in one Sewing Machine

January 28, 2017
Singer SES1 FS Sewing and

I got my machine on line for an amazing deal and am new to embroidery. When it does work it is amazing but there is a STEEP learning curve. I have had many problems with it including tension and sensor readings for the hoop. I have had to take it to the shop to get fixed three times in the first month and now waiting for a part on back order. Great price but too many problems.

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I love this machine some days-and other days I am so frustrated. Sometimes it embroideries beautiful and some days it messes up. If I don't run it on low speed it jams up, and breaks needles like you won't believe. It gets birds nest no-matter what you do. I have ruined six different projects I was doing for Christmas gifts this year. Now I'm out quite a few dollars I needed . Sometimes I am almost afraid to try another project. I f I could afford I t I'd look into another machine. And yet it has a lot of good features I like. And for some reason the thread keeps getting caught between the top and the needle which puts stress on the needle and it breaks. Three more needles again today. Which is getting expensive. But when it is working good it does a subperb job.

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Poor Quality, Complicated

I've picked this one up via during a Today's Special & thought it would be easy to work with.'s not easy nor is it fun either. Someone else mentioned the bird's nest under the work and THAT'S what this thing does. I became so frustrated with this newer model that I went-out & purchased Singer's older XL6000 model (which embroiders like butter)...the only downside with this model is it's so old...the software conversion is even outdated and no longer supported.

I'm very tempted in selling this Quintet as it's way too late for me to return to Maybe I'll use it as another back-up sewing machine without the embroidery component.

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Good Value, Great Features, High Quality

After much research, I purchased the FUTURA QUINTET about a month ago, and it exceeds my expectations.

What a truly superb machine. The wide throat, additional presser foot height and knee presser foot control, plus many other features too numerous to mention are wonderful. The only features I wish it had is the scan and positioning for embroidery that some of the other - much more expensive - models have and the dongle - now available on the XL580.

I look forward to making many items for myself, my family and my home - including embroidery quilting and use of the many decorative stitches and options available. Thank you, Singer!! Well done!!! You made it possible for me to have the machine of my dreams :)

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