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August 21, 2016
Spinning mills - All Cotton

Mr. Robin Perkins, CEO
Ms. Barbara F. Walton, CFO
Mr. John M. Maness, V.P. of Manufacturing
Mr. John Riddle, Senior V.P. of Sales

History of Company:

Frontier Spinning Mills, Inc. Frontier Spinning Mills is a world class yarn spinner operating multiple manufacturing sites in North Carolina and Alabama. With a weekly production of approximately 4, 000/MT per week, it ranks as one of the largest yarn spinners in the world. Frontier’s offerings include a diverse product mix of Carded Open End, MJS and MVS yarns in a wide variety of counts and blends. Frontier's quality assurance begins with the selection of US cotton fiber that is chosen to achieve the best possible results for our customer's processes and end uses. Our spinning facilities are equipped with the latest generation of spinning systems available and interfaced with continuous on line quality monitoring to insure superior spun yarns. Frontier also invests in advanced training and education to insure its work force is highly skilled and trained in a concerted effort to produce the world's finest spun yarns.

Frontier's manufacturing facilities are located within easy and convenient travel to major highways and ports to ensure efficient and cost effective transportation and aid in the speed to market that is demanded by customers today. With convenient access to multiple East Coast ports serviced by major ocean carriers, this proximity allows customers multiple options to respond quickly to fashion trends and ever changing market demands. Frontier also recognizes that customer satisfaction cannot be achieved through investment in technology alone. Frontier's staff of dedicated associates focuses on bringing customer service to levels unsurpassed in the industry. Our Customer Service representatives recognize and understand that today's competitive environment demands quick responses to inquiries and delivery schedule requests. We are confident that our service is just as exceptional as the yarns we produce. Frontier's commitment to excellence is easy to recognize.


  • 100% cotton Open-End yarns 4/1 to 32/1
  • 100% cotton Soft Spun yarns 4/1 to 30/1
  • Organic cotton yarns Open-End 6/1 to 30/1
  • Poly cotton yarns 6/1 to 39/1
  • Open-End Slub yarns
  • MJS yarns 12/1 to 50/1
  • MVS yarns 26/1 - 30/1
  • Heather yarns 4/1 to 30/1

End Uses:

  • Circular Knitting Yarns
  • Weaving Twist - (warp & weft)
  • Hosiery Yarns
  • Heather Yarns
  • Air Jet Yarns
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