Brother Embroidery Machine Reviews

May 24, 2021
The Best Embroidery Machine
If you're interested in purchasing a Brother sewing machine check our reviews below on this page before going over to popular online stores like, and or mass retailers like Target and Walmart.The high end Brother Innovis line is sold exclusively at authorized dealers that specialize in sewing machines.

What Sets Brother Sewing Machines Apart from the Rest

The single most outstanding feature of Brother sewing machines is owner satisfaction.

Of the many sewing machines we have reviewed, Brother is the only sewing machine that an owner proclaimed, “For the price I paid for this sewing machine, I could not have made a better choice.”

She said that she had had her Brother sewing machine for about 10 years and was still extremely happy with it in every way.

Another advantage to owning a Brother machine is the level of support from the manufacturer and an opportunity for camaraderie among Brother owners.

Popular Brother Models

Through a partnership with the popular television program, Project Runway, Brother International has produced a line of highly functional, affordable sewing machines and sergers with the Project Runway logo.

These machines are not only seen on television in the Project Runway workroom, they are also seen in home sewing rooms across the nation.

Brother Project Runway sewing machines and sergers range in price from $100 for Project Runway machines available through or retailers like Walmart and Target to about $1, 000 for the high end Brother Project Runway Innovis line.

Brother International’s exclusive partnership with Laura Ashley is another popular line.

- Machines to fit any budget
- Easy to operate
- Available for purchase on line and through local retailers
- User support through community events and forums

- With the company’s well established reputation as an expert in office machines, some home sewers remain skeptical about how well a Brother sewing machine will perform over time.
- Many of the lower end machines do not have covers to protect them from environmental dust and debris when not in use.

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