Singer Sewing Machine Shops

October 29, 2016

To make basic sewing machine repairs, such as cleaning, replacing a needle or oiling the parts, users can refer to the sewing machine's instruction manual. Singer offers replacement manuals under the Support and Resources section of their website. Singer's website also provides basic sewing instructions, how-to videos, and a tips and hints section. Singer owners can call the toll-free customer service number for assistance over the phone.

For common issues, Singe provides several recommendations. Users need to change needles after 16 hours of use, because dull nails can cause damage to the fabric and machine. To avoid tangling the thread and jamming the bobbin, the presser foot should always be kept in the down position while sewing, and to avoid knocking out the timing, user should only turn the handwheel counter clockwise.

Singer sewing specialist retailers sell sewing machines and make repairs, but they also offer sewing lessons in the store. In addition to authorized local authorized retailers, Singer sewing machines are also available online from Singer's website and authorized online stores, such as and Wayfair. National retailers, such as Target, Sears and Walmart, also carry Singer equipment.

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